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Things to look for while Buying GPS for Your Car

August 11, 2012 by MobTech | Comments Off | Filed in Latest gadget

GPS system is one such benefit of the modern age that has changed modern life especially road trips and travelling a lot. There are a few varieties of GPS enabled items available in the market. Here you will get informed about the car GPS, and to be more precise the factors that you need to consider before buying one. If you are thinking about buying one for your car, then this guideline may prove helpful for you. You longer have the tension of getting lost or deal with the hassles of consulting a map every now or then or asking a stranger about directions.

Here is the list of the factors you need to consider:

  • First you have to consider the screen size. You should be considering this, because you need to find one GPS system that looks good with the interior of your car. Though there are a lot small screens available in the market, buying one with a larger screen is advisable. This way, you won’t have any problem to find your destination. One casual look will be enough to understand your position.
  • You should buy a GPS navigation system that is capable of receiving multiple GPS satellite signals. This way, you can be sure of one thing, if somehow the signal from the present satellite is dropped, you can opt for the other satellite signals. So, there won’t be any chance of messing things up and losing the satellite signal.
  • With the speed of your car, your navigation system also needs to refresh. If it does not do that quickly, then you cannot do the recalculation and find out how much more time you will need to reach your destination. That can be a big problem if your destination is completely new and a simple hamlet instead of a bustling city. So, find one GPS navigation system that can process the information faster.
  • If you want a GP system which will tell you about the next turn or the distance to the destination in a charming voice, then there are such options in the market. You have to find it out and install it in your car. The car may look normal, but you can have the fill that you are driving the Batmobile. There are also options which will let you change the voice, so you won’t have to hear the same voice throughout the trip.
  • You also need to find out if your GPS system can store media files or connect to your cell phone or iPod. This way, you will have entertainment while driving and can call and receive calls while driving. This being hands-free, you won’t have to fiddle with the phone or the buttons and numbers anymore.
  • Price is a big factor and that is why, you have to first decide upon your budget. If you want something basic, then you won’t have to spend a lot of money. If on the other hand you want some refinements, then you have to opt for the more expensive model. Visiting an online shopping site will help you to decide upon the one you want to buy.


Samsung Galaxy S III is the winner for the Best Smartphone for 2012

August 6, 2012 by MobTech | Comments Off | Filed in Latest Mobile

The best there is, the best there was, Samsung has proved this statement in all respect. Samsung Galaxy S III is the new hero on the block which wins the world in a clean sweep. That right! Samsung Galaxy S III is the best smartphone for the year 2012 and is surely going to carry the distinction for a long time. Samsung Galaxy S III released on May 2012 and has won the hearts of everyone. Talking about the brand, Samsung has always been one of those manufacturers who believed in quality work. Respecting their way of treating the mobile world, they have literally blessed the mobile world by introducing Samsung Galaxy S III. Today, it is being compared to Apple iPhone and other winning the world devices. Talking about the design specifics, it is not that much different from Samsung Galaxy S II, its predecessor. Still it has managed to hold the market in a way that its predecessor was not able to do.

Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone is a world within a world. Marketing strategy has been induced in a great way for Samsung Galaxy S III. This is one of the biggest reasons for its success in the market. This can be proved and justified by the fact that 9 million people pre-orders were present before its release by various carriers. This has made a huge roar in the mobile world and as a result Samsung Galaxy S III became the fastest selling electronic product in the history. So much was the demand that there was an instant shortage in theUSmarket. Along with that, there was a slight manufacturing fault in the blue version of the handset. Nonetheless, it didn’t come in between the success story of Samsung Galaxy S III and today it is distinctively known as the iPhone killer in the world.

Talking about the specifications of Samsung Galaxy S III, it runs on Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” OS. This is one of the fastest growing and loved consortiums in the market. Next is the display arena which means that the winner of all the specifications. Super AMOLED with HD technology makes sure that you get every droplet of water effect on your screen. Color depth range of 16M makes sure that you get all the shades of life. HD resolution of 720X1280 supports the wide screen viewing of Samsung Galaxy S III. Till now you have been hearing about the quad core technology. This time around you will experience it in the application processing. With 1.4GHz of processing speed, Samsung Galaxy S III wins over the world in terms of processor speed.

Smile and Click! Picture clicking is as simple as that in Samsung Galaxy S III. With 8MP camera situated on the rear end and a great CMOS 1.9MP camera in the front for video chat and calling gives it another reason to brag about its success. Nonetheless, price factor still holds a wide aspect in terms of compatibility in the market. Precisely unlike the other hefty and trendy handsets in the market, it is not getting lagged behind in terms of sale or popularity.


Your Own Mobile Phone Buying Guide

July 31, 2012 by MobTech | Comments Off | Filed in Latest gadget

In this modern age, mobile phones are the gadgets that are accessible to almost everyone and needless to mentions that each one of the population wants one. So, when it comes to select your first or umpteenth mobile phone, you can get easily confused. There are a few hundreds of mobile manufacturers. Some are local and some are international. All of these companies make about a few thousand of mobile phones and they launch one or two new models at regular intervals. So, every day the options are growing and making things tougher. So, it has become important that you need some guidance while buying your mobile. Here you will receive some guidance.

Things that you need to consider while buying a mobile phone are:

  • There are basically two different types of mobile phones these days, the smart phones and the regular mobile phones. You have to first decide which kind of phone you want. In this context, you also need to remember that the regular phones will not be able to provide you all the facilities of a smartphone, yet they will be less expensive than the smart phones.
  • There are also two basic ways to by a mobile phone, the first is Pay As You Go where you buy the phone yourself and add a prepaid sim card which you top up with credit as and when you need it. These are cheap if you dont make many calls, but expensive if you do. The second and most common is a contract phone where you get the phone free but you are tied into a mobile contract for up to two years. These deals are complex and beyond the scope of this blog but you can compare both PAYG and Contract Mobile Phone Deals here.
  • Mobile phone industry is growing everyday and that is why, and choosing a certain phone can be really tough. You have to decide first about the attributes of the phone and only then you can manage to decide upon a few mobiles that will be able to fulfill your requirements.
  • You have to decide upon the screen size and attributes. Even if you are buying a regular mobile phone, you can have the touchscreen option and all the smartphones come with touchscreen. If you think larger screen will be better, then opt for one phone with a larger screen, otherwise a smaller screen should be enough.
  • Checking the battery life is also very important. It is the battery which is the power source for your mobile and if the battery cannot provide enough backup, then there is no point buying such a mobile phone. You can read about the better backup time on the packet containing the mobile and if you are shopping online, then you will have all the information along with the description of the mobile from the website you are visiting.
  • You must have a clear idea about the applications that are already in the mobile and the ones that you can add. This way, you will be able to use your mobile for a lot of functions. So, you need to find a mobile that has the applications you require or will allow you to load those applications afterwards.
  • You need to decide upon the budget first. If you know that you are allowed to spend a certain amount of money, then your list of mobile phones will become considerably simple. It is so, because you will know your limit and can choose among the mobile that fit within your budget.
  • You also have to decide upon the company from which you are going to buy the mobile. If you want to opt for an international brand, then do a research and if you want to opt for a local brand, then also you have to do the same.


Blackberry Curve 8520 Review:

July 9, 2012 by MobTech | Comments Off | Filed in Latest Mobile

Blackberry is a name that stands for class. It comes with revolutionary hardware and software that never leaves the customer unsatisfied. It has carved out its own niche in the mobile phone market. It usually creates phones priced at the higher end of the price spectrum, but Blackberry Curve 8520 is different. It is Blackberry’s attempt at creating a smartphone that is lowly priced and yet does not compromise upon much of the revolutionary features that it comes with. The reason is to attract more and more customers and improve their share in the mobile phone market. We’ll review the Blackberry Curve 8520 closely tonight and see if it stands up to the quality of the other Blackberry phones.


The design is rather simplistic, much like other Blackberry phones. Blackberry usually creates very simple designs which exude a class of their own. It has a 2.46 inch screen and four buttons right below it. It obviously houses the QWERTY keypad which Blackberry uses in almost all of its phones, and aids much with the texting. If you are a person who’s constantly texting, then you’ll find a QWERTY keypad like the Blackberry’s much more suitable than a touch phone. You have a welcome addition in the form of the 3.5mm headphone jack, but it’s on the left side, which is not the most convenient place for a headphone jack. On the top there are three media keys so that it’s easy to navigate around with music. You have the usual charging port on the left. The volume rocker is on the right.

Build Quality:

The build quality is average, and Blackberry has saved some costs on this front. The back cover of Blackberrys is known to be classy, but the back cover on this one is ordinary. It’s glossy plastic (which makes it prone to scratches) and rather cheap quality. The phone feels compact though. The sides are rubberised and feel good. At 106g the weight is very decent and it’ll slip into your pocket without too much hassle, being only 13.9mm wide.


The Blackberry Curve comes with the Blackberry OS and a 512 Mhz processor is sufficient to handle it. The main feature that Blackberry offers is ease of connectivity, and this one is no exception. It has excellent features for e-mail and texting. You can subscribe for Blackberry messenger and the great GPRS facility that Blackberry offers, which is superb for connectivity. Blackberry has introduced a new trackpad which is very responsive and offers great navigation facilities. The screen is 320 x 240 pixel resolution, and the images are bright. One of the major drawbacks here is the lack of 3G support. You might have a feeling that Blackberry went a bit too far in cutting down costs, as 3G comes in almost all the good phones. The camera is only 2 MP so we didn’t expect much from it, and neither did we get too much. The battery gives a talktime of around 4 hours which is a bit low.


The Blackberry Curve 8520 is an entry level Blackberry and would be a decent first Blackberry for a person. It offers decent features, which don’t match up to the other, more expensive Blackberrys. If you want to have an experience of the Blackberry and take advantage of its great connectivity features, then you should go for it, otherwise there are other phones in the same category which have much to offer as well.


Best 5 GPS enabled Phone

May 25, 2012 by MobTech | Comments Off | Filed in Latest Mobile

People now a days are looking for GPS enabled mobile phones. A GPS enabled phone is basically tracker or navigation device installed in it which gives every details of some places, known or unknown to the users. Due to the grace of latest technology, you don’t need to buy a single tracking device. Your GPS enabled phone can do both the things simultaneously. Using GPS enabled phone you can track the location of anything you want.

GPS technology is also helpful in maintaining law and order of any place. Using GPS technology, one will be able to control thefts and crimes. Earlier, it is very much expensive to buy GPS enable softwares. But thanks to internet search engine mammoths like Yahoo, Google and many others, they are now available at a much lower price. That is why, now days GPS enabled phones are available in a highly affordable price. Here is a list of five mobiles which gives you best GPS technology at an affordable price.

APPLE iPHONE 4S: iPhone 4S is the latest version of iPhones which was launched by Tim Crook. Just like the any other iPhones, it also has the magical touch. It is empowered with assisted global positioning system technology which is a variant of GPS technology. A-GPS technology consumes less battery and provides much better service. Other than GPS technology, iPhone has apple’s own iOS 5 operating software. Taking pictures in iPhone 4S is an amazing experience with its 8megapixel iSight camera. It has also capacity of taking 1080p HD video. One of the most useful is that you can download numerous numbers of apps from Apple app store at a free of cost.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Like iPhone 4S, it also has a GPS or assisted global positioning software installed in it. Other features in this phone are, it is android based phone. It has the latest version of android operating software that is Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. It has a superb 5 megapixel camera. It provides faster internet service to its user. It has NFC or Near Field communication System. Using NFC system, you share anything with your friends by tapping both two NFC system installed phones.

Nokia Lumia 900: Nokia Lumia 900 is also empowered with latest A-GPS and GLONASS technology which guarantees you providing better tracking services. It is windows phone. It has latest Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 Mango software. It has a superb sensitive AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. Other than these facilities, it has magnificent 8 megapixel rear camera and 1 megapixel front camera. So, it is not to mention that taking pictures is fun in this phone.

Sony Xperia: Like many other smartphones, Sony Xperia is also enabled with A-GPS and GLONASS navigation facility. It has android operating software. Among the above three, it has the most powerful 12 megapixel camera with auto focus and LED flash facility.

Motorola RAZR XT910: With A-GPS and GLONASS global positioning facility, one can track anything in a matter of second. It also has 8 megapixel back and 1.3 megapixel front camera. Motorola RAZR XT910 is also operated in android software.




May 21, 2012 by MobTech | Comments Off | Filed in Latest gadget

With its amazing success in the smart phone market Tech giant Samsung has now come up with an amazing laptop with awesome features. To be a successful gaming laptop it must run the newest and the most profound games with good graphics  as well as a smooth frame rate and to our surprise Samsung Series 7 Gamer laptop has matched it all and has lived up the expectations.


This laptop has an enormous 17.3 inch SuperBright screen with 1920X1080 resolution. A black cover with a trendy Samsung logo surrounds the laptop. The buttons are backlit for improved accessibility and design and besides that it also boasts of a soft- touch volume button, Wi-Fi, mute buttons across he keyboard. It also boasts of a special feature usually not found in many gaming laptops. It consists of a four-way Mode Dial using which a player can switch between various modes such as conservative Eco, Library, Balanced and hold-on-to-your butt game modes. It has a size of 16.1 x 11.2 x 1.96 inches and a hefty weight of 8.4 pounds much lighter and smaller than the Dell’s Alienware as well as the Asus’ Lamborghini series.


The keyboard consists of U-shaped keys with inter distance set at a quite comfortable 2.7mm. The keyboard features a standard numeric keypad too which has is backlit. The colour is a light blue colour in the balanced mode and features a dark blue colour while playing games. Besides that it also features a 3.8-inch Elan touchpad.

It comes with two stereo speakers along with a built-in subwoofer which delivers very loud sound, and that too, without compromising on the sound quality. Watching movies on this one gives a very good experience, and you wouldn’t require external speakers.


Samsung Series 7 laptop provides stunning graphics and unmatched performance. It boasts of a  GeForce GTX 675M graphics chip with inbuilt NVIDIA of 2GB RAM ,16GB of RAM, dual 750GB 7,200-RPM hard drives with 8GB of Express Cache . It consists of an 8 cell Li-ion battery which lasts for approximately 3 hours and 21 minutes under strict battery saving conditions. Its battery life is longer by 10 minutes in comparison to the Asus version of this laptop.


Looking at the overall features and comparing it with similar models of other companies like Asus and Dell we do notice that this product is of great value for money. Priced at around 1 lakh INR , this laptop is certainly something to watch out for, also taking into fact the rich resolution and the amazing video quality and the unmatched graphics which it offers. Besides all these awesome and stunning features one thing which serves a s a drawback is the amount of heat it generates. But   this drawback is of minimal significance considering the overall design and performance of the laptop.


Dell Streak 7 Review:

March 19, 2012 by MobTech | Comments Off | Filed in Latest gadget

Dell is renowned for making computers of the highest quality and is a huge player in the computer market, but there are certainly bigger players in the tablet market. Dell’s Streak 7 is an enlarged version of the Streak 5, and it promises a good load of features. Dell promises to bring its computing technology and reliability to the tablets. Does it stand up to the quality that we’ve all known Dell for? Does it deliver all that it promises? We’ll have a closer look and bring you the facts.


The design of the Streak 7 is much like the Streak 5, only larger. The Dell Streak 7, as the name suggests, has a 7 inch screen. The size is decent, and one can hold it in one hand. The design is mostly plastic, and there are 3 capacitative buttons. The back of the device is patterned and makes for a good grip. Overall, the device looks simple and stylish. On the left side of the tablet, there is a 3.5mm headphone jack. On the right, you would find the slots for the SIM card and the SD card. You also have two speakers, on both the edges. On the top you have the volume rocker and the power button. One gets a feeling that Dell built this to be used in the landscape mode, rather than in the portrait mode, seeing the alignment of the buttons. You also get corning gorilla glass protection for the screen which ensures it is scratchproof. Overall, the build quality is good. It isn’t the best build quality we’ve seen, but it’s very good.


The Dell Streak 7 comes loaded with Android 2.2 Froyo OS and is powered by a 1 Ghz Qualcomm processor. The 7 inch screen has a resolution of 800 x 480, which is pretty ordinary. One would expect better from Dell here. The viewing angles are poor as well. Dell is a new player in the tablet market, and it shows. Dell hasn’t done too good a job with its navigation as well. There is a huge scope for improvement here. The navigation isn’t very smooth or flawless. Coming to media performance, it is decent, but not the best. You can download e-book reading apps and reading e-books is very comfortable, especially in the landscape mode. The video quality is average, especially owing to the poor screen resolution. The music is quite good though. The 1 Ghz Qualcomm processor does well with high end usage, and it is likely that you would have a comfortable experience while performing high-end tasks, such as browsing content rich web pages and playing games. The battery life is pretty ordinary, and hence it could do with some improvement as well. The camera is 5 MP and the photographs are good. It also has a front VGA camera for video calling.


Dell is a new player in the tablet market and it would take a few launches to get everything right. There are much more experienced players who provide the same facilities on paper and better experience in practice to the user at the same price. Hence, it is advisable to go for them. The design of the Dell Streak 7 is good, but there is a huge scope for improvement on a lot of other aspects.



February 23, 2012 by MobTech | Comments Off | Filed in Apps

We all know that apple has emerged as a huge favourite among all cell phone users around the world basically for its Graphical User Interface, its phenomenal touch screen and most importantly for its varied useful apps. Apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod are downloaded from the apple’s app store. Some apps are free while others are charged as per the developer’s credibility.  We have apps for varied purposes and to suit our interests and usage. We have apps for audio, browsers, games and fun, finance , productivity , reading , social, travel etc. Among this hefty number of  around 8 lakh apps from the app store, here is a list of the top 5 top grossing apps of all times :-


5) Opera mini browser :-

One of the finest and fastest browsers in the app store till date , Opera mini browser has emerged as the most successful and the most used web browser of all times. This web browser offers a very unique experience of browsing web pages.  This browser has got a lot of features which should have come with the Apple browser Safari. This browser supports a speed dial screen which enables us to access web pages on a single tap. One of the best features in this app is the ability to control opening of new tabs or selecting texts on the screen. It is also speculated and proved that opera’s browsing experience is much simpler and faster than the safari browser.

4) Pandora Music Radio :-

Pandora music radio takes listening to music on the apple device to a next higher level. Gone are the days when people used to do the tedious task of saving music files onto the device. With the launch of this awesome app it has reduced numerous problems like memory issues and transfer. With this app and an internet connection one can listen a variety of songs ranging from the old classics to the new ones. One can also listen to music according to his favourite genre, mark songs as favourites. One may also share songs and create a personalised radio station. This is a must have apps for all those music maniacs all around the world.

3) High Noon :-

High Noon is a fantastic gaming app on the app store which helps you ease away all the tensions in the real life and get lost in the game. It is quite an addictive game in which you are assigned a character and get to modify your looks to match up with that of a deadly gunslinger. In this game your apple device acts as a gun and you get involved with duels with similar people around the world and win duels and increase your value as well as your rewards on the quest to becoming the deadliest gunslinger in the entire planet.

2) Dropbox :-

Dropbox is the most amazing as well as was the most anticipated app in recent times.  It can be used to view the files and photos uploaded to a dropbox account and can be viewed in another device which uses dropbox.  This app has some disadvantages also. It supports only phone formatted video, that is only h.264 video and there isn’t any real uploading. But besides that this app can be used as a great tool in sharing files and pictures with families and friends with great ease and without any real uploading.

1)Instagram :-

This photo enhancement app is a must have app for all those people obsessed with photography. With iPhone’s awesome camera, this app comes in handy . It can be used to add designs and filters. This app can also be used to share photos from day to day life with friends and increase their popularity. This app can also be used to share photos after upgrading them in famous social networking sites like facebook and twitter and let people from the outside world appreciate your venture in photography.


The Leaders of High End Smartphones Brings HTC One V

January 17, 2012 by MobTech | Comments Off | Filed in Latest Mobile

The time when big names like Nokia, Samsung and Motorola were ruling the market, HTC was the one which thought differently. Known as the original brand to bring the smartphone into existence, it is the torch carrier for being the high class elite distinction in the market of smartphones. Bringing the flagship of ONE to a different notion, HTC One V has been released to gain the interest of the market. Nokia has launched the Lumia series and Samsung is winning the race with Galaxy Ace and other handsets in this series. HTC One V offers some different things that have laid the foundation of smartphones with credibility. When you talk about difference and uniqueness in smartphones, there are few things that people come up with. Samsung has been doing well in this part by introducing something catchy yet have not maintained a frame where you can put the things differently. HTC One V brings this fresh breeze along with carrying the essence of the flagship.

Talking about the phone, let’s first discuss about the feature that no one thought can be in this handset. HD photo clicks in zero second shutter rate makes it one of the best 5MP camera in phone. HD video recording is present to capture those moments that you never wanted to miss in life. Fast moving objects are now not hard to capture with HTC Sense and ImageChip technology. HTC has the patent technology distinction for all its mobiles. Same is with HTC One V that gains proximity with a different edge. The bump under the screen is the flagship design for ‘One’ series. Beats Audio technology makes it authentic with video support. Unmatched value with unbeatable features is filled in HTC One V. Talking about the display, 3.1 inches of HD screen makes it an awesome mobile to view in front of your friends. Carry your world of friends in your pocket with HTC One V. Social hub at its level best is present on this mobile. By a single touch on the screen you can reach your fiends and see their latest activities. Socializing was never this much fun as it is with HTC One V.

HTC Sense 4 is installed on the Android 4.0 base. This is the same kind of specification that Samsung Galaxy S III has which wins the world as the fastest selling mobile. Internal memory space of 4GB is good to start in the beginning. Surely you can extend this by SD Memory Card slot up to 32GB. This is supported with 512MB RAM and HSPA for amazing network compatibility.

Reviews of HTC One V have been flowing in positive directions except the price and designing factor. The body of HTC One V is generally concluded from its predecessor and the ‘One’ series touch makes it a little stable. Along with that, the hefty pricing of HTC One V has made the sales rate fall down in the market in its long run. Overall, the rating of HTC One V has been 3 out of 5 which varies at different review sections in the online world.


Discover a new world of desktop PC with HP Omni 27 TouchSmart

November 28, 2011 by MobTech | Comments Off | Filed in Latest gadget

Rising amount of competition and range in electronic market has raised the level in a great way. Computer world first started with the big and bulky frames and today has reached on to your palms. This enhancement and growth has reverted back in many ways. Joining the brigade are those who believe that something is better than nothing. When desktop PC were losing touch due to laptops, palmtops, PDA and tablets then HP made a sudden impact by inducing the range of desktop computers with their Omni series. This flagship is constrained towards delivering the best in the space of desktop world. HP Omni 27 TouchSmart is the name of the PC which has managed to hold the business world as well as the personal world of computers.

Specifications of HP Omni 27 TouchSmart will make you realize the fact that it is a well oiled machine to deliver the most calibrated performance of all time. Making work easier, simpler, and faster is what HP Omni 27 TouchSmart will deliver to you. Hassle free working modules and a great amount of support for the user end make it a better experience every time you sit on your PC. Wide world of the synchronized consortium is what HP Omni 27 TouchSmart is a about. Media world at its best is present to deliver the best kind of experience. Graphics and video indulges you in the futuristic world of display technologies. The 27 inches wide HD screen is the reason why it is named HP Omni 27 TouchSmart. Diagonal tilt and a prelude of breathtaking extensions will make you fall in love with it. Deeply embedded video resolutions and future technology support mark its distinction in the world of desktop PC. Beats Audio technology is installed with prime distinction for one and all.

Finally comes the most impressing part of them all. Storage space of 2TB is just unbelievable. There is no limit to your files storage space with 2TB of dedicated space. Transfer your desktop into a whole database with legitimate working response. This is possible with Intel Core i5 2400S Processor that is the newest state technology in the world of computers. Looks and performance go side by side with prime distinction with HP Omni 27 TouchSmart. Wireless keyboard and mouse is commonly involved in the entire desktops in modern age. Full featured desktop range has been a little rare in such a beautiful way.

High Definition is the quality range that opens the world of marvelous viewing. Connectivity enhancement with Bluetooth and HDMI port makes it even more elaborative with perfect sense. Motion viewing and superior sense to capture the brightest views and focus on it are some of the futuristic notions that are included in HP Omni 27 TouchSmart. Overall, product reviews have found it as a user friendly and lovable device. People with a technical hand love to handle it due to the features and others love it personally for the kind of magic it delivers. HP Omni 27 TouchSmart opens the future world of desktop PC in best way possible.